I can’t remember not watching Tour de France. This has been a part of my life for as long as I remember. i remember watching it with my dad and my brother, every summer! And how mad my mom sometimes get when my brother and I talk too much about it or watch it too much.

    I really hate that there have been so many doping scandals lately, because it’s all the riders I looked so much up to, who is now taken down for doping. I promised my self that I wouldn’t watch the Tour this year because of that reason, but who was i kidding, I couldn’t keep my self away.
    I love the excitement there is about everything in the tour, I love watching the climb the mountings, I love cheering for my favorite riders. I get so excised every time there happens something unexpected, witch is almost all the time. You can never say how the tour is going to end, all you can do is hope and cheer for your favorites.

    I have always loved Mark Cavendish. He’s the best sprinter in the world and every year I hope he wins as many times as possible. And of course I always hopes he wins on Champs-Élysées! He deserves it!!! On of my other favorites is Jakob Fulgsang, the Danish rider from Astana. He seems like the sweetest boy and he look so cute! I love him since I was in Saxo Bank and I have always just wish him the best! I always knew he was going to be great and this year he is in the top 10! YAY Go’ Fuglsang!!!

    Tour de France is so beautiful and for me there is so many memories that leads to it. It’s been a part of my childhood and I don’t know if I’ll ever let it go? Yeah I know I’m not the typical girl…

    xoxo from me… Gry