1. And what do you say, when tears are streaming down your face, in front of everyone you know…

    …and what do you do, when the one who mean the most to you, is the one who didn’t show?

    I know exactly how my Christmas evening is going to be now… just got the “news” that my dad won’t be there with me… I don’t even want to celebrate Christmas now. He has done it once before, two years ago. I was devastating, broken. It breaks me even more that he would do it one more time, when he knows how sad it makes me. I cry for days, serious!

    When my parents got divorced they promised me and my brother that it should change our birthdays, Christmas and other thinks that are important to us. I guess my mom is the only one to keep that promise.

    I know the whole evening I’m going to fake a smile, walk out to the bathroom, when everything becomes too much. My mom will follow me, I’ll just lock the door, and through my tears say to her, that I just need a moment. Later when we comes to the part with the presents I’ll refuse to wrap up the one from my dad, I’ll again leave with tears my eyes, and my cousins will ask me why I’m crying, and I don’t know what to say to them. I know my family will ask me what he’s doing, and I know that I’ll not be able to answer that question… what do you say? “That one person in the whole world, I want to impress the most, the one who means the world to me, chose to not show up” That isn’t something I can say to my family. I know that later that night, when we’re just sitting, chatting, eating way to much candy, I’ll go into my grandma’s dark cold room, and break down… my mom will follow me and say that my dad is on the phone. I’ll refuse to talk to him, and my mom will make me do it, he’ll say marry Christmas, and that he would have loved to be with me, I’ll get angry and say that I would have loved it to, and that he had the chance, but didn’t took it.

    Isn’t it scary, that what use to my favorite day of the year, now become the day I fear the most? A day I rather want to miss out on. I hate that it has to be this way, but I can’t help it, when he has hurt me like this once before and he does it again… I don’t know. This is a day that always brings a smile to my face, what I want the most now, is break down crying!

    Christmas is never going to be the same again, and that is my biggest fear!

    xoxo from me… Gry

  2. Tomorrow is my birthday! And of course I’m excited… excited as a little kid! 18 years wow, I actually don’t want to become 18, become an adult is scaring me to death, growing up scars me to death! What if I’m missing out on something you only can do when you a kid. What if can’t find out how to be an adult. People are excepting so much more from you from you when you a grown up, what are they going to expect from me? People are judging you for still doing childish things. I guess it’s just more fun to be a kid.

    I don’t know why I’m so scared of becoming 18, it’s weird and I feel like I can’t tell anyone because people expect to grow up, and wanting to become 18. But I have never been the girl wanting to go to school, or high school, or get a job. I have never been the kid planning on moving out, I’m always been the one suggesting something childish. I have never been the one who couldn’t wait to grow up and become an adult. To me the adult world has always seemed boring.  Everyone around me seems like they wanted to grow up, and I never would, and I still don’t want to! Think of all the stuff you can’t do as an adult. The adult world is so much bigger, and so much easier to get lost in, I feel like you can’t just hide in your bed in the adult world… what am I going to do? How am I going to be an adult? What if I forget how it is to be a kid, forget how it is to dance around without a care, forget how it is when my mom comes to my room to say goodnight, forget how to be silly around my brother, what if I become boring?

    xoxo from me… Gry



    I’m sore in muscles I didn’t even knew I had!!! I played ultimate yesterday, and it is serious the most wired sport ever!!! There is no judge, and you use wired muscles you don’t use for anything else… I’m so tired in my whole body, I haven’t done anything since I came home! Like literally! I have been lying in my bed, and only got up to get food! I have just eaten a half parmesan cheese, it’s my favorite cheese… okay it’s the only cheese I like, sad but true.

    All I have done after I came home is watch tv series on Netflix, what can I say… guilty pleasure!

    I don’t know what I would with this post, I just felt like doing it because my finger is the only part of my body that doesn’t hurt, and I haven’t written in a long time.

    I should go take a shower now, I have played soccer for two hours today, so I feel pretty gross…

    xoxo from me… Gry 

  4. Serious give me these beanies! This is very early, and I normally have no time before school, but I don’t know what went down for me today! But back to the beanies!!! I love beanies, and I just agued with my mom, she don’t like when I wear them! I don’t understand why, but I guess it’s because she’s old… But the rebel as I am, I’ll just take it with me and put it on when she’s not around!

    Back to these beanies!!! Look how amazing they are! Yeah! Tomboy here! Much! I could really wear a beanie the whole year, special if it was one of these!

    Now off to school-.-

    xoxo from me… Gry

  5. WHY MILEY WHY!!! Okay let’s begin with the fact that this song is so perfect! I really love it! But why is it that she has to ruin it with this video??? She is licking a hammer!!! I really don’t understand why?

    I love it when she stands just her, with the white background, showing her emotions, because she really shows of the song as it is, roar, heartbreaking and clean!

    But does she have to be naked on the wrecking ball??? I just don’t see why such a beautiful song should have that kind of video? But hey! Shout out to Miley for this master piece of a song!

    xoxo from me… Gry


  6. Happiness > Everything

    I know I haven’t written in a while now, but I have just been so busy being happy! It really takes a lot of energy! Believe me or not… I know it sounds crazy, but my last week was just really good, because I had an amazing weekend to look forward to, and then the weekend came, I can’t remember having so much fun, doing nothing special. It was serious just the perfect weekend! I was with one of my friends, I hadn’t seen him in over a year, and when I’m with him it’s just so easy to be myself, theirs is no pressure, it’s all enjoying being with each other and have fun! He’s amazing, and it scares be that I don’t know when I’m going to see him again!  This week has been a lot of people trying to bring me down, but my mood has been on the top of the roof! I’m still up in the clouds after the weekend and nobody is going to bring me down!  I’ve just been smiling for no reason, and then again, if I think about it, I know it’s because of him!

    We all have than one friend, were we know that he except you for who you are and likes you for who you are! And if you don’t I can tell you, there is no better thing in the whole world!  I know I hadn’t been the person I am today if it wasn’t for him. I don’t know what to do without him! Even though he lives like on the other side of the world or it feels like it! And I only see him a couple of times a year… which sucks… like really sucks!!! Enough to make three more so… !!!

    Writing this blog, has been my escape from the world, and the last couple of days my world has been pretty good, I have loved every day, and I have just been happy. I will try to write more, even when my world is perfect, I like it and I really want it to work out!


    xoxo from me… Gry


    This week I have chosen the color red, because its one of my favorite colors… And I found out that I have a lot of red things that means so much to me!
    First we got Taylor Swifts album Red! yeah j though it would be funny to start out with this masterpiece when the color is red ;) There are so many songs on the album i can relate to and I love it!!!
    Next is a hoddy from my old school, this one is so funny, ‘cause on the back there is a drawing of our basis-team (like a mini family) I love it and it’s always there to keep me warm and safe!
    Then my red converse, which is my favorite converse! I love them, and they are totally me! Weeee!
    The next book looks like nothing, but to me it’s everything… It’s a memory book, my friends from my old school wrote down sweet things about me, funny stuff about me and things they are going to miss about me! Then I could read it when I came home… I still read it when I’m feeling down and unappreciated… Nothing can make me feel more appreciated than that book, the people, they wrote stuff about me I didn’t even knew, they are all perfect, and I love them so much!!! Thank you to all, who have written in that book.
    My heart bracelet, I got it from an old kids magazine, and people still point it out! That kind of annoys me, because it has a history! I have worn this bracelet everyday since 7th grade (I’m in 12th grade now) It reminds me of my older class, from 0 to 6th grade! I had the best class, but they split us up without a reason!!! Yeah I was mad, and still am!!!
    Then there is my red long sleeved lace dress, yeah it’s kind of perfect, do I need to say more?
    My new perfume, wonderstruck enchanted!!! I love it, it smell so good, a bit more sweeter than wonderstruck, so I really love it. I’m the sweet perfume kind of girl!
    Last is a makeup pallet from MAC it was when they had the wonderwoman collection, which is my absolute favorite collection. This one isn’t red inside, but I it just so cool that I need to comment on it!

    So that was some of my stuff in red!
    Right now I can’t wait for this week to end, I really just want it to be Friday now! Because I’m going to visit one of my friends I haven’t seen in way to long time!! I miss him soooooooo much! I’m so happy that I’m going to see him, I can’t even concentrate and I’m smiling constantly!!!

    xoxo from me… Gry


    Yes, I am talking about This Is Us! The movie was absolutely hilarious, I was so cool to come behind of the scenes of our boys!

    I promise you, I laughed, cried and couldn’t hear a thing! The subtitles really saved my ass, because all the girls on 14 couldn’t shut up and had to scream every time on of the boys came on the screen! It was so annoying I swear was about to yell something to them!!!

    That was my anger, now back to the laughed and cried part. The boys had so much fun together and there were so many times were I was just laughing and thinking “this is why I love these idiots.” THEY ARE ABSOLUTE HILARIOUS! I serious think it would be the funniest day in your life if you got to hang out with them! Just because of the relationship they have with each other! And how much they goof around. I would love that.

    The I cried part… Okay, first of all I cry to every movie! Serious I’m such a crybaby! In the beginning I was crying because I got a flash back of me sitting in my room watching What Makes You Beautiful for the first time. I have watched these boys grow so much and I have loved every step of it! I cried when they sang Little Things, because the song reminds me of a very special girl, one of my best friends, what can I say, I miss her so much! The way we sang it together, and always looked at each other in the “you never want to know how much you wait, but you still have to squeeze into your jeans, but you’re perfect to me” part, I miss her in my every day. I cried while they sang Change My Mind, ever thought it was just a bit of it… Long story short, another person I miss. I cried when they were sitting around a fires talking about the future, it was just very touching to hear. And then again when they sang What Makes You Beautiful, because… yeah, I was just proud of them.

    All around, the movie was so fun and fantastic to watch. There wasn’t a moment when I thought “wow, this isn’t seen before” but it’s totally worth watching! And I know I’m going to watch it again.

    xoxo from me… Gry

  9. New The Vamps cover!!!

    This is the new cover! And it is AMAZING!!! They have mashed up Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Top and Jessie J – Price Tag. They just sound amazing, and I really love that even though they make their own music they still makes covers like this. Please never stop! I’m so proud of their new song, but when there comes a cover it shows me that they haven’t forgot where they started.

    They do this cover so well, and please don’t judge them, on their looks, and the fact that you think they are just another boyband. Take your time and look up their music, they won’t disappoint you!

    xoxo from me… Gry  


  10. Arrrrrrrgh!!!!

    Starting up school again has been so hectic! This year has already brought me drama and it hasn’t even been two weeks! WHAT IS THIS!

    I have been tutor for our new freshmen students, and I’m not done yet! But I only got positive stuff to say about them! They are just so amazing! In the class that I’m tutor for, there are more boys than girls which are pretty unusually in Denmark. I wish it was my class, not just because there are more boys than girls, but also because the boys are sweeter, cooler … and hotter!!!! Maybe it’s because I’m older, but the new boys are so easy to talk to and you really feel so welcome when you talk to them. I look forward to the trip they are going on, because I got to go with them!

    The craziest thing happened! In the class I’m tutor for there is the sweetest and most gorgeous girl! She went to the same school as me last year… I was class of 2012, she was class of 2013… She lived in my room the year after me… to make it even weirder, she slept in my bed!!! This is so crazy! That I should meet the girl who has slept in my bed! Okay, I feel like I’m the only one who actually finds this hilarious!!!  

    I can defiantly feel that I’m not a freshman anymore, crying over this! The classes got harder, and I can already feel that the homework is going to kill me this year!!! Ugh! I hate homework, it must have been someone who has a really bad, sad and disgusting life who invented it! I don’t see how forcing students to make homework in their free time, should make them better students!

    I have so much homework, but I really hope I can keep up writing! I have to!

    xoxo from me… Gry


  11. A Heart is not a home without the one who gets you through the storm!

    Everyone deserves a person who they can talk to about everything! Even if the person gets hurt, knowing you got that person by your side is the best thing! It’s a rock, someone who’s always there for you! Someone to make  sure you get through the worst fights in your life! Someone who makes you feel home, someone you can always be yourself with

    I know I got my rock, even though I’ve never had so much trouble and drama with anybody else, I wouldn’t want anybody else. He’s my best friend! I can talk to him about anything and he’s always there when I need him! He always makes sure that we talk about things if I’m mad at him, and he is always sorry for letting me down! I know he shouldn’t let me down as much as he does, but he just doesn’t think about the consequences, but as soon he sees that I’m hurt, he makes sure to make it up to me. There is a line in Before The Storm that says “and not a word is left unspoken, as the thunder starts to crash” this line describe our relationship so well, because we always talk about everything, so when we have troubles, we know that there is only one thing we have to solve out, not some disagreements from month ago! I love that I’m able to talk about anything with him. I always feel safe when I’m with him, even if he’s made at me, I know that he wouldn’t let anybody other than him to hate on me ;)

    I don’t know what to do without him, and everyone knows that I can’t stay mad at him! Even when I say “I never say anything positive about him again”…. Here I am, writing this.

    I’m not talking to him as much as I wanted to, he lives pretty far away, but I have never met a better friend than him! The last time we talked, he said that our friendship would last forever… and I was about to cry!

    I think what I’m trying to come out with is that everyone deserves someone like him, someone who will never leave you. Someone who will always be there for you! He’s my best friend, and I’ll always be there for him!

    xoxo from me… Gry


  12. THIS IS US!!!


    The premiere is just happening in London right now! The red carpet was A to the MAZING!!!! The boys looked great and the fans were so loud!

    I love how they all looked so happy, how Louis was so caring, like with the flue on the mic and the man on the stage. I love how Niall was just dancing around and making cute faces to the camera! HARRY STYLES KISS THE CAMERA, yes there is going to go a long time before I get over this!!!! He made me blush through my computer screen, how does he do that????

    I, again, love when I’m able to watch my idols live! This time was it because of their movie! And that is so amazing, I couldn’t be more proud of them! And I can’t wait for the 28th were I’m going to watch it with my friends!

    Was so worth using my whole evening on… now on to reblogging every picture I see of them to my other blog…. Muhahahaha!

    xoxo from me… Gry


    First of all sorry for not writing in a long time (in case somebody actually reading this) I’ve began school again, and I have just had so much on my mind, but HEY! I can’t miss another “THIS WEEK:” so here it is!

    City girl!!! I love everything about big cities and I could never imagine myself living on the countryside. I’m a totally city girl, and that is why I’ve chosen to show that of this week!

    My Eiffel Tower keychain, is just a little souvenir from Paris, but the story behind it is pretty funny, because we brought it just in front of the tower itself, form a street vendor, and as we’re about to pay, he just ran away! We figured out, it was because he saw the police. He came back later and wanted his money, fair enough! Another thing from Paris is my biiiiiig hoddie! It’s warm nice and comfy! Next thing is the one of the stickers on my computer, which is just a typical NYC sticker, but my love for New York is endlessly! My cute top with some of the greatest cities in the world, one of my goals here in life is to visit them all, I’m only missing Tokyo!!!! Wuhuu! Another hoddie, this one is brought on the one and only 5th avenue, and when I brought it, it was so big that I could use it as a dress, now it fits me a bit better ;) Next is a map over London underground, it’s just cool to have on my wall, just like in the next picture, where it’s just a map over Manhattan. It gives my room a taste of my two favorite cities in the world! And last another cute top, to show my love, and the fact that I want to see as many big cities in my life as possible!

    xoxo from me… Gry

  14. THE VAMPS!!!!!!!!

    Okay, this British band have I follow in a while now, and I think it’s time to write about them! THEY ARE AMAZING, and seen them grow have been amazing! I’m really proud of what they have achieved! They are now verified on twitter, and have their own VEVO channel! Okay maybe it’s just me, who is crazy, but these boys just make me so proud! I love calling myself a Vampette. These boys can really bright up my day!

    Bradley Simpson, James McVey, Tristan Evans and Connor Ball! They have mostly made covers, and that was how they started, but their new music video, for an original song, is only a little over a week old, and it’s so amazing and catchy! It just make me wanna dance, partying and have the time of my life!!!

    I really wish I could see them I real life! Right now I would give everything to live in England! Let us pray that they will come to Denmark someday… or maybe I’ll have a bigger chance if I move to England???

    There’s something about finding new artists and watching them grow, and if you have tried it you know! They become your babies.

    xoxo from me… Gry 


  15. On my way to hell

    Maybe not, but I’m starting school tomorrow and that is almost the same! I’M NOT READY FOR THIS, I really don’t wanna go. Luckily I’m not that much with my class the first 3 days, because I have to take care of the freshmen students! It’s not that I don’t like my class, okay maybe a bit but don’t tell anyone ;) It’s just I know I could get so much better, and I hate looking around the classroom and not feeling like it’s my friends there are besides me… and knowing that I have actually been best friends with  one of them kills me even more… I just wised I felt more comfortable in my class.

    For not to talk about the amount of time I HAVE to sit still and listing to a boring teacher… and the homework, I’m so gonna die this year! I hate not having time to do what I want!

    It’s a bit sad that there actually aren’t a thing I look forward to… but I guess I just have to see what this year brings me, and stay positive about the things that come to my road! (oh! I feel like I was really deep there!)

    xoxo from me… Gry